Modern&Antique Arts and Crafts, YOKOYAMA,INC,.

The main shop in Kyoto, Yokoyama deals with various Modern and Antique art & crafts, and are making original hand painted screens.

Japanese woodblock prints by the artists, Ukiyoe , Shinhanga and contemporary prints are very popular in the world from a long time ago.

We introduce to you such a beautiful Japanese culture in this website.
At the branch shop of Narita airport, deals with various traditional Japanese arts and crafts for souvenirs to overseas on reasonable price.

Kyoto Main Shop
Nawate St, Sanjo- sagaru, Higashiyakau-ku Kyoto, 605-0086
Phone +81 75 541-1321
Fax +81 75 541-1324

1895 in Kyoto, Yokoyama started to sale the antiques and, arts and crafts to over sea people. We are dealing with Ukiyoe and contemporary woodblock prints and , various other arts and crafts.We make original Byobu(fold-screen) by special request.

Narita Airport Shop
Terminal 2,4F
1-1 Furugome, Narita-city ,Chiba, 282-0004
Phone+ 81 476 34-8598
Fax + 81 476 34-8599

Yokoyama Narita shop sells selected more excellent ones of Japanese traditional arts and crafts ,and antiques.woodblock prints, pottery, copperware, cloisonne, lacquerware,Japanese doll, Yokoyama sells many kinds of beautiful Japanese handycrafts. Such as the rare old thing has gained popularity also to people overseas.