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  • Far country, Okinawa     panel
  • Far country, Okinawa     panel
  • Far country, Okinawa     panel
  • Far country, Okinawa     panel
  • Far country, Okinawa     panel

遠い邦 沖縄 パネルFar country, Okinawa panel

No EKM-4
Artist 日下部雅生|Masao Kusakabe
Size 15.8x22.7x2 cm


■技法説明 型絵焼箔の作品について

〇 Artist message
I lived in Okinawa for 6 years from 1994. I still stay in the atelier in Itoman several times a year for interviews and production. The red castle in the work is Shuri Castle, which disappeared two years ago. It seems that it will be a long time before we can see that beautiful figure again. Sea turtles swimming in the sky of Okinawa have appeared in my works for many years as my favorite motif.

■ Technique explanation: About the work of sheet metal
A sterling silver foil is pressed on a part or the entire surface of the work, a pattern is placed on it, and the cut out shape is sulfurized and discolored to make the picture stand out. The finish is slightly colored with glue and pigments. I have never seen such a work expression, so it may be the only one in Japan, but I have not confirmed it.

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