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No SUD-1
Artist 須田剋太|Kokuta Suda
Date 1988
Size 30.5 x 40.5 cm (Sheet size)

1906-1990 Born in Saitama Prefecture 
The World of Kokuta Suda' - abstract paintings, calligraphy and ceramics - was held at the Iida City Museum of Art in Nagano Prefecture. Donated 459 paintings, calligraphy and ceramics. Gave a lecture on 'My abstraction' at the venue of the exhibition. Died in a hospital in Kobe on 14 July.
Even after his death, exhibitions are held every year in various parts of the country due to his deep-rooted popularity.

1906-1990 埼玉県生まれ
長野県飯田市美術博物館で「須田剋太の世界」~抽象画と書・陶~開催。絵画、書、陶など459点を寄贈。その作品会場で「私の抽象について」の講演を行う。 7月14日神戸市内の病院で死去。