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  • Bamboo basket flower vase
  • Bamboo basket flower vase
  • Bamboo basket flower vase
  • Bamboo basket flower vase

竹籠花生 田辺 一竹齋 作Bamboo basket flower vase

No A-2
Artist 田辺 一竹齋|Ittikusai Tanabe
Size 40×20 cm

Icchikusai Tanabe (1910-2000)

Asakura medal (Showa 27) `` Rasen-mon Hanakago '', Osaka Prefectural Art Award (Showa 34), Kun 4th Zuiho-sho medal,Konjyu-Hosho medal (Showa 57)

Born as the eldest son of the first Chikuunsai, known as a master of bamboo crafts.
He was selected for the first time in the Showa 6th Emperor Exhibition, and in 12012 he took the second generation Chikuunsai.
After the war, he exhibited at Nitten and exemption of examination for 28 years. Later, he served as a judge and councilor, and later joined.
He created a delicate “watermark knitting” technique like lace knitting, and sent a new style to the world of bamboo crafts.
He handed over Chikuunsai to his eldest son in 1991 and named himself Icchikusai, and continued to produce as a modern master.
His representative works include “Rasenmon-hanakago” (Showa 27 ) and “Ryumon Hanakago”(Showa 37 ).

田辺 一竹斎(1910-2000)