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  • Lacquer Beckoning cat
  • Lacquer Beckoning cat
  • Lacquer Beckoning cat
  • Lacquer Beckoning cat

招き猫(三毛)黒真珠台付Lacquer Beckoning cat

No ESJ-20
Artist Jiro Sakai
Date 2018
Size 35x11x16xm

"Kanshitsu" ( Dry lacquer)
Many of the masterpieces of Buddha representing Japan were created during the Tenping period. The technique of forming a Buddhist image unique to this period is dry lacquer. It is a technique in which the outline of the statue is made by wood carving, and several layers of Azabu and lacquer are applied and molded on top of it. Hardening of lacquer requires a drying room that can maintain high humidity conditions called lacquer bath, and the production took a lot of effort and time. In addition, the dry lacquer technique ceased during the Heian period because a large amount of expensive lacquer was used next to gold, and the technique of producing Buddha statues changed to wood carving.
  The dry lacquer statues that exist today are rare in the world, and none in China and Southeast Asia. Even in Japan, there are only a few works left. His work is a cat produced using the technique.


現在実存する乾漆像は世界的に希少で、中国、東南アジアには皆無です。日本においても「聖林寺 十一面観音像」「唐招提寺 千手観音像 薬師如来像」など数点が残されているだけです。