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  • Netsuke pepper
  • Netsuke pepper

根付 とうがらしNetsuke pepper

No OK-9
Artist 岡壱|Okaichi
Size 5×1.5×1.5 cm


Chili pepper is used as an amulet and amulet,
There is a theory that the intense red means the sun and fire and burns out evil spirits, and there is a legend that that spicy drives away evil spirits, and it is used as an amulet not only in Japan but also in the Asian region and the world.

Okaichi's netsuke is a size that is preferred by modern people, and the motif of the work is also very popular.
He started to make netsuke by self-study. Lives in Kyoto.

彼は独学で根付を作り始めコツコツと制作販売しています。 京都在住。