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  • Kobe Doll  Medetai
  • Kobe Doll  Medetai
  • Kobe Doll  Medetai
  • Kobe Doll  Medetai
  • Kobe Doll  Medetai

神戸人形 目出鯛Kobe Doll Medetai

No KD-015
Artist 吉田太郎|Taro Yoshida
Size 10 x 5 x 7cm



Kobe dolls are also known as "spook dolls" and are known for their eerie and comical appearance.
From the Meiji era to the present day, it has been lost twice, but it has been revived each time, and it is loved not only by local Kobe but also by collectors all over the world.

This work is called "Mede-tai", and when the doll tries to handle the sea bream, the sea bream on the cutting board rampages, and the doll is so surprised that the eyeballs pop out.