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  • Netsuke pumpkin large
  • Netsuke pumpkin large
  • Netsuke pumpkin large

根付 かぼちゃNetsuke pumpkin large

No OK-78
Artist 岡壱|Okaichi
Size 3×3×2 cm


Made of Japanese boxwood.
Pumpkin was introduced to Japan from Portugal around 1573 and is said to have spread throughout Japan.
In addition, the winter solstice has a culture of eating pumpkin as a lucky charm, which is a winter tradition along with Yuzu.
Like the chrysanthemum pumpkin that was born in Japan, each bunch extends out, giving off a unique force and freshness.

Okaichi's netsuke is a size that is preferred by modern people, and the motif of the work is also very popular.
He started to make netsuke by self-study. Lives in Kyoto.

彼は独学で根付を作り始めコツコツと制作販売しています。 京都在住。

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